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Recycle your laptop computer cell phone & electronics

Get out your old cell phones, laptops, and used electronics - it's time to recycle them.

How many old cell phones do you have tucked away in junk drawers?
Go ahead and check right now, We'll wait....

How many were there? I'm sure it was more than one, probably two or three. Did you possibly come across any used or old laptop computers, PDA's, a blackberry, gaming consoles, cameras, GSP devices, etc.? I'll bet that you have a handful of these used electronics stashed away in your house. Well, it's time to make some extra cash money with them. There are companies that will give you money for recycling your laptop computer, cell phone, and other electronic devices at no cost to you.

Here's why recycling your old electronics is such a good idea:

  • You clear up space in your house.
  • You get paid for used gadgets and electronics that you don't need.
  • You help the environment by reducing junk in the landfills.
  • You don't have to pay a dime to recycle these electronics.

Once we receive your used Laptops, or Electronics, we inspect it, erase all personal data, and determine its conditions. If we determine it has useful life, we will sell your Laptop or Electronics through a variety of outlets to someone who will use it. If it has no market value, we will recycle your Laptop or Electronics responsibly.